May 2017- Mother’s Day RTBAV Seminar

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Pure Beginner Gun Class May 2017

Here are some comments from students:

-“Very attentive to each person. I learned so much and now feel comfortable handling a gun. I plan to do much target practice.”

-“Safety reinforced over and over. I felt very comfortable.”

-“I was very impressed and pleased, and a lot of very good information to digest and well worth it. Very well explained and questions answered properly.”

-“Exactly what I needed for a beginner class. Perfect to learn basic information. Great to take the mystery out of guns and takes the fear away. Very empowering.”

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Safety Source Website Redirect!

Executive Command Dynamics Inc.

Elephant Mountain Firearm Training

Due to organizational restructuring for insurance purposes, we have separated services previously offered on this website.

Thank you for navigating to the sites above.  ECD – or Xcom Inc. for short is our business consulting platform which includes The Strong Company where we offer local safety services for companies.

Elephant Mountain is our new gathering point for all firearm training activities!

Thank you to all our clients and students!  It is our privilege to serve you.

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Pure-Beginner Gun Class May 2016

PBGC May 2016 3 Students Loading “Class was quite informative.  This class would be good for everyone involved in shooting sports, whether they are seasoned shooters needing a refresher course or a novice shooter just learning about firearms.  I have been shooting guns of various kinds for more than 50 years, and I was still able to come away with new knowledge of firearms use and safety. Thank You!” – Anonymous

PBGC May 2016 Suzanne shows Teach Freedom

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Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar 10/3/15

rtbav 10 3 2015 Suite 205 Sky Class Photo BMaking safety at home, at work, on the street and while traveling.  Free for the community monthly!  We are developing a version of this valuable course for annual presentation at Two Rivers Convention Center for up to 150 students…

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Organizational Safety Systems

Real safety management has passion.  If you have yet to meet passionate safety management professionals… Look forward to a discovery.

OSHA standard training programs are divided into the categories of General Industry and Construction.  Company safety personnel can become knowledgeable and able with the reporting systems and all aspects of handling safety related personnel scenarios and remain uninitiated to the pantheon of safety making managers and trainers…

Whether an operation is classified as General Industry or Construction —- Or BOTH, keeping human beings from harm and handling cases where prevention fails is honorable work and essential towards profitability.

Passionate safety influence by organization leaders is the key to safety management excellence.  How does a company establish such a culture?

Gas-Plant-Construction---May-2014-TAI-SRI-crop1Some situations are more difficult for a safety management team, so it is imperative to advance your culture now and always so you will be ready for what may come…

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Annual Saint Valentines Day IDW

Regional Counselor, Guy Masterson, of NRA's Refuse To Be A Victim Teaches in the Pureland Security St Valentines Day IDW 2014

The IDW – Instructor Development Workshop is designed to start new certified instructors of the NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim program.

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Bi-annual NRA Firearms Certification Program – Spring 2013


“Coming in to this course I wasn’t sure exactly what this investment would provide for me.  I was amazed in following the course and how well structured the NRA presents it through the instructors.  I thought I knew a lot more than I actually did.  It was well presented and will help me down the road.  Both Guy & Suzanne showed patience and control throughout the course.  I would recommend this to others that may also want to teach the NRA way.”     -Anonymous

“I would highly recommend Guy & Suzanne as instructors of the Basic Pistol Instructor Course.  Their conduct and professionalism is exemplary.  They taught the course in an orderly fashion.  They took time to make sure that everyone understood the material, answered questions and kept the course on schedule.  They are very knowledgeable and fun to learn from.     -Anonymous

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March Carry Train

“Having been to other more commercial shooting courses, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Because of the small number of students, we were able to do much more than I have before.  The scenarios were realistic, and they make you think about how you can prepare for the time when you may have to use a gun to save a life.  Very useful, thought provoking.  You can’t walk away from the course without thinking about something new.”             -John

“This was my second class with Guy & Suzanne.  First for my CC Permit.  Both were over-the-top excellent.  Very inviting, thorough & I walked away with a better understanding in both the legalities involved and handgun efficiency.”     -Steve

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Defensive Pistol Refresher – Feb 2013

“I didn’t know what to expect coming in – very excited now.  It completely took all fear away.  I feel like a true gun enthusiast.  I am no longer afraid or intimidated & am ready to buy my first gun!”    -Debbie

“The combination of classroom & shooting was exceptional.”    -Ken

“Very patient and competent.  I would definitely recommend any class Guy & Suzanne offer.”     -Albert

“It was very thorough and based on safety without being boring.  Both instructors seemed very knowledgeable, personable and made the class fun.  I have walked away with a much greater feeling of confidence, knowledge and experience.”    -Pamela

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