The antidote to danger is Plan-Build.

The fulfillment of responsibility is Plan-Build.

An essential key in successful relationships and healthy raising of children is Plan-Build.

If you and yours are capable in this field, let us respectfully and responsibly test your mettle.  In truth, it can’t hurt to let the pros have a check on your progressions.  If you would like to begin to integrate safety against criminal activity and fire into your life waters to a new degree, let us initiate this direction for successful long-term results.

Plan-Build ONLY at Safety Source by Strategy Resource International

How can we say “Only at Safety Source?”  Our Plan-Build System is unique and effective in ways that other security people can’t reach.  Why?  How?

Let’s Begin By Considering the Nature of Safety

Safety is the absence or minimization of dangers of various kinds.  In life we need to find a healthy balance; we don’t want to become paranoid and we should not be careless.  We don’t want to become a statistic on the roadways, so we drive with alertness to prevent an accident.

Being alert is an essential component in safety awareness.  There are many types of dangers and many kinds of antidotes and solutions that solve or mitigate the potential of harm striking.

How far should we go?

Welcome To Earth!  (You Won’t Make It Out Alive)

These bodies do perish; yet as a spirit, we can navigate our lives with due care to depart at the right time.  This is worthwhile.  The resolve to prevail over a burglar, robber or attacker who may punch your ticket before it is ripe, is honorable.  The preparedness to protect family, friends and fellow human beings that may be on hand in a moment of trouble is also honorable.  We like to see people make the choices necessary to live with this respect for life.

We don’t teach against belief in the protections of God.  There is nothing more down to Earth sensible than trust that the big factory where we were built knows how to take care of us.  Of course we must understand that he provided our endowment of rights and included the use of self-defense because we do run into dangers and are designed to protect the value of our lives.

We encourage clients to make conscious decisions about the scenarios they would like to be prepared to prevail against and forge a healthy balance.  The biggest challenge we see people face is disagreement over where that balance point should be set.  If your relationships are functioning well, communication and understanding make it possible to reach healthy mutual decisions.  Professional input and guidance helps many couples and groups get on the same page.  We enjoy helping people set a proper foundation for the long-term successful fulfillment of safety strategies and goals.

Teamwork in Safety Plans Generates Powerful Harmony

We see strong unity in marriages that feature a balanced protection focus.  If a relationship is worth living, it is worth keeping safe.  Think of the harm that may be done to an important life relationship by a criminal attack.  Take steps to unite your household more deeply with this potent glue of mutual readiness.

Many children get quite confused by trends in the world these days.  When we teach that defensive driving means no texting on a cell phone or driving distracted, we teach general safety alertness and personal responsibility for self and others.  It is the same with home defense, personal protection and fire safety.  These are super areas to ingrain a personal ethic of love for life and honor in staying awake in order to prevent or minimize harm.

We have great ways to help balance your level of safety.  We see, again and again, a great disproportion in the evenness of protection depending on who is home or with what accompaniment one is out and about.  We have unique and unexpected methods to fill-in these divides and gaps.

At SAFETY SOURCE we have strong limited trust in alarm systems.  By this we mean, yes they work well in many circumstances, but ultimately don’t necessarily stop anything.  There are endless excellent alarm system installation options and these can make an important part of a group’s safety strategy.  Fire suppression systems also have attained a wonderful state of development, so much so that the number of fires nationally and the damage cause has seriously lessened.  Part of this is due to changes in building materials regulated by fire code and some is due to quick extinguishment by suppression systems that succeeded.  Still, there is no way around the simple truth that a by hand solution may be more effective and potentially the last resort.

The Fire-Safe Principle

For individuals, families and groups who can coordinate response, and choose to maintain an operational set of fire extinguishers and the defensive potency of at least one firearm, we like to see a progression plan schedule run quarterly, or once per season.  This ingrains the plan into the muscle memory and group awareness and ensures an amount of equipment comfort, familiarity and ability.  Children know what to do and have learned what commands may be given.  Again, this is wonderful educational discipline for successful navigation of future life challenges.  Kids always find it terrifically fun when it is taught to them responsibly.

Fire-Safe = Ready to Put Out a Fire By Hand and Ready To Stop A Criminal Threat By Fire From a Gun.

We must remember, not all persons should try to extinguish all fires.  Young children should exit immediately, crawl low under smoke and not return to the building for any reason.  Once a fire has spread beyond the incipient phase, it doubles in size about every 20 seconds.  A firearm is a tool of last resort.  When possible, it is preferred to deter, prevent or escape a violent situation.  Keeping a defensive firearm may not be the right decision for all people or domestic circumstances.

Elephant Mountain & Baby Elephant

We help people take the size of steps towards greater safety that they decide is right for them.  We don’t tell clients what they should do; rather we listen carefully to your views and provide options that are sound.  For clients who enjoy the way we handle Plan-Build and have attended our Basic Pistol or The Graceful Guns Monthly Class may participate in our specialized in home quarterly or biannual progression training system.

copyright 2011 S.R.I. Safety Source, Grand Junction, Colorado

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