Pistol Management

Comprehensive Guidance Towards Safe, Successful & Confident

Defensive Pistol Ownership.

Training Firearms Instructors and taking responsibility for the validity of their certification brings a high level of attention to all aspects of this range of teaching.  We strive to convey to new instructors the significance of respectful treatment of the student.  Guns can be hard to manage.  Coaches need to make things easier and not more difficult…

As a student of defensive pistol, when you interact with Safety Source, the safety offerings of Strategy Resource International, LLC – you are regarded with care and respect.  We strive to provide to you all that may be needed in your specific scenario so that you may accomplish your full true intent in this area where many take a step or two and then quit, or where people think they have themselves protected, but have major gaps in there system.

Pistol Management

Keeping a gun for personal protection in the home or concealed carry is so much more than just being able to shoot.  Honestly, it is an enjoyable sport or past-time or effort- however you may perceive this safety endeavor.   In the firearm training systems by SAFETY SOURCE, Pureland Security (NRA Programs) and Graceful Guns, we maintain an abiding commitment to you as a student to follow up, as you may choose, to the extent that is needed so that you achieve actual confidence that does reflect true capability to accomplish your defensive goals if needed.

Getting Ducks In A Row

A woman came to us for training recently.  She brought out her gun saying, “I’ve had this for 10 years…Can you show me how to open it?”  When the 5 shot revolver was safely opened, we found, 3 rounds of live practice ammunition, one spent brass case and one empty chamber.  The gun was in need of a good clean, too.  Remarkably, the woman told stories of dangerous scenarios wherein she had depended strongly on the gun…

A man attended one of our classes…He grew up with firearms and had military background…As our range session got underway, his defensive gun froze and refused to operate.   After safely taking apart the automatic pistol, we asked him if the gun had been oiled.  He responded with a resounding, “Yes.”  When we asked him how long ago it had been oiled, he answered, “8 years.”

A fellow who grew up on a ranch and has shot firearms his whole life came through our concealed permit authorization class.  He prepared to shoot…We asked him if he would put on hearing protection, he answered, “What for?”  He had also not ever heard that revolvers are shot from the double action mode for close-range defensive purposes.

A soldier back from Iraq accidentally shot his dog on a hunting trip.  He admitted to breaking some of the safety rules.  His wife banished defensive guns from their home and it has been a major issue.  We are all about preventing many kinds of harmful experiences by a thorough ingraining of safety rules.

Pistol Management can present many difficulties and some ducks are not easy to get to line-up.  We are patient and understanding.  We accept your concerns and provide knowledge that is tried and true, melts fear and will deliver results in a pinch if needed.

The Defensive Pistol is a wonderful invention that requires much care & attention to keep in a state of actual preparedness to defend life.

The Meaning of Equipment Comfort

Why do people choose a specific gun?  We often see people with much experience and background, when presented with the greater quality of instruction that we offer, decide that they will change equipment to better serve their own goals and purposes.

Dry-Fire, Empty-Gunning Practice From Driver Seat

Working through the wrinkles of pistol management in various situations reveals how well an armed citizen is being served by the particular make, model, size, weight, ammo capacity& reload-ability of their chosen safety companion.  We don’t tell you what to do, rather we give you the information you need to make wise decisions.

You are welcome to attend our individual classes or become a Pistol Management Student. As a PM, we walk you through the use of our wide variety of highly original as well as time tested service offerings until you achieve the level of ability and know-how that suits.  We also provide great opportunites for staying active and building shooting skill.

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