Preemptive Response

Commercial – Industrial – Oil/Gas – Restaurant

First Responder Comes In Advance Of 911 Call To Prevent

Accident, Injury, Fatality & Mayhem.

How do you find gaps in your safety program?

How about those dark areas where it is really difficult to get a clear picture…

As a supervisor of a facility you don’t really want to see first responders on your premises.  Do you?  No.  You don’t.  We’d like to come for a visit to help make sure we don’t need to come later…Remember once one of your people has called 911 you will be eager to see first responders…The sooner we arrive the less damage a fire has done, or the better the chance of survival for your injured employee.  Wouldn’t a PREEMPTIVE RESPONSE be more pleasant and serve your objectives with greater excellence?

Can Safety Be Made?

Yes.  That’s why you put all the effort you do into safety training and code and policy compliance; to minimize danger that may lead to accident and increase safety.  When there is no incident, a first responder at your work-site is a strong message elevating safety awareness for all present.  From the employee’s point of view- when you meet the person who would be taking you to the hospital, light bulbs causing new safety awareness go on and stay on, at least for a while.   We offer a cycle of visits and various positive safety culture evaluation & enhancement options to help you generate a new level of manager and worker buy-in to safety initiatives and compliance systems.

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