Custom Agent


researching bears

Product & Systems Researcher, Suzanne, Checks What Bear on Main Street is Thinking


“I really like how you people do things, I wish you did X so you could help me with that!”

We hear you.  In the area of safety & security, when you want an agent to help you learn options for equipment or training, make the right choices and when installation is involved, to ensure that everything gets done right- we’re here for you.

We call this Custom Agent

 Investing Care Has Power.

You tell us what you want to accomplish and we’ll provide the trust basis, knowledge and dependability that you’d like to bring to this area but happen not to have the time or background.  Talk to us and see what we can do.  From basic instruction to integrated burglary / fire alarms, we can make the difference that makes you confident.

Light Against the Night and All Harm

Invested Care is Light Against the Night and All Harm

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