Organizational Safety Systems

Real safety management has passion.  If you have yet to meet passionate safety management professionals… Look forward to a discovery.

OSHA standard training programs are divided into the categories of General Industry and Construction.  Company safety personnel can become knowledgeable and able with the reporting systems and all aspects of handling safety related personnel scenarios and remain uninitiated to the pantheon of safety making managers and trainers…

Whether an operation is classified as General Industry or Construction —- Or BOTH, keeping human beings from harm and handling cases where prevention fails is honorable work and essential towards profitability.

Passionate safety influence by organization leaders is the key to safety management excellence.  How does a company establish such a culture?

Gas-Plant-Construction---May-2014-TAI-SRI-crop1Some situations are more difficult for a safety management team, so it is imperative to advance your culture now and always so you will be ready for what may come…

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