Cabela’s – NRA Weekend 2013

Please click the link for television news story: Pow!!


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What Does The Newspaper Say About our Refuse To Be A Victim Seminars???

Please click the link for pdf of article by reporter from The Daily Sentinel:


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Defensive Pistol Refresher – December 2012

A fun class enjoyed a weather blessing.  Despite snow before and after class the sun came out enough to enable range session completion.  The December DPR consisted of three students seeking CC permit authorization and three student already having permits and striving to advance skills.

Photo is from dryfire session

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Fine-tuning Firearm Certification Process

Lots goes into a certification process.  Pureland Security is our division for NRA-Only programs.  In our Autumn BB  {BIT BP – Basic Instructor Training on the specific discipline of Basic Pistol} we had good opportunities to reinforce effective approaches and strategies and to notice key points for enhancement adjustments.

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Piano Hands @ Age 86


Piano Man Gets Protection Worked Out

Walt Smith, accomplished jazz pianist faced challenges in getting personal defense sorted out.  He needed to change gun type and several aspects of orientation.  The results did click into place.

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Cabela’s Requests Talk for Community

Guy Masterson, Safety Coordinator for SAFETY SOURCE by S.R.I., speaks in Mesa Mall Community Room upon invitation by Cabela's.

When you are ready to undertake practical steps to weave greater safety into your daily life, you will need a trusted source of safety information & experience.  Cabela’s Retail Event Coordinator contacted us to provide insight to the community on options to prevent victimization.  Remember, protective preparedness is an honorable discipline that enriches your life.  A healthy defensive philosophy does not invoke paranoia, but does deflect harm.

The title of this talk…“Eagles Have Their Ducks In A Row!”

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Sept 2012 Pure-Beginner Gun Class

Certified Firearms Instructor, Suzanne Masterson & PBGC Saturday 9-22-12

We run 3 Pure-Beginner Gun Classes per year and a 4th when schedules permit.  PBGC is limited to a handful of participants so students may benefit from the comfortable, friendly environment.  Through Pureland Securty, DBA – our NRA division, we teach Basic Pistol slow and easy for true beginners.  If you want to make a start, or a restart, with guns, and insist upon high respect and a positive atmosphere, we’re here to help.

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Supportive of Couples Building Healthy Defensive Mindset

March 2012 Graceful Guns Defensive Pistol Refresher.

When a couple overcomes the obstacles and gets on the same page, we are there to provide instruction with the right attitude.  It is important to seek out training that reinforces the positive resolves of your relationship and to avoid learning situations that decrease your value.

Remember, personal protection is an honorable discipline.  When a couple shares this focus many benefits accrue in other aspects of the relationship.  Much confidence blooms from the knowledge that your partner could fend off an attacker…


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“Safety Man!”


Is it a bird…

Is it a plane….


Faster than policy compliance!

…..Stronger than Government regulation!

When you realize that it would be wise to beef up the safety culture in your organization or a division of an operation, here is your first step: consult with Troubleshooter, Guy Masterson, of Strategy Resource International.  Our Safety Source function, PREEMPTIVE RESPONSE, brings a certified firefighter, first responder to your service.  What make’s Mr. Masterson’s impact so positive is his background in organizational optimization.  Build in the increases in your safety culture that can and do prevent the incidents you seek to avoid.

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Preemptive Response

We can improve your safety culture!  Think it over; would you rather see a first responder now or later?

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