Stuck Duck

goosing the stuck duck

We’re glad you are interested in life security. Think of how many times you have decided to be more safe or protective of loved ones and not made good on your resolve.  This is a difficult area wherein to fulfill responsibility and we help you make good.

We have a special talk that we give called, “Goosing The Stuck Duck

We do full versions of this surprisingly informative and illuminating talk at your organization or in our conference room.  We do quick easy versions, tailored to your specific interests by phone and as needed to help people understand how our offerings are different and what we can do for your safety factor.

Again and again we see the stuck duck syndrome- this means a group or person made the decision to get within a higher level of protection and safety and something got stuck.  We call this the stuck duck and have good ways to Goose it; meaning to reach in there and loose the tangle that hung up the successful accomplishment of the good purpose.

When I was a little one, we visited a nature park and a goose bit my pampers off.  This probably explains the funny title, though I’m not exactly sure how!

The Innocent of Defense

The Purity & Innocence of Self-defense

God built into us the capacity and readiness to defend life.  When we honor his wisdom we don’t have doubts about the rightness of protection.  In truth, there are different ways to approach the problem of predatory criminals, dangerous robbers and the like.  We feel it is worth a person settling their philosophy and perspective.  Know what to do, or be clear about your reasons for choosing to submit.  It is your life and a careful decision and preparation are better than foolish hope.  Decide, prepare, then hope!

We see many people who are surprised by the incitement to train the brain.  Remember, you use your brain, it doesn’t use you.  Our minds are flexible and we can adapt our awareness to respond in productive ways to a wide variety of circumstances that may arise. Don’t say, “You never know what you’d do,” rather, say “I’ll do what I have planned and practiced.”

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