Safety Coordinator

Guy Masterson, Safety Coordinator, “Safety Man!”,

SAFETY SOURCE by Strategy Resource International

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In our SAFETY SOURCE offerings the types of safety we are coordinating include Positive Safety Culture Evaluation & Enhancement for Commercial, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Restaurants…And home and personal security including fire-safety.  A quick review of our specific services will make the picture clear.

A word of inspiration on the point of fulfilling safety goals:

From deep within, springs up again and again this responsibility for life.

Keep what is valuable safe from harm, that it may grow in to what it secretly is.

The child will become a bloomed adult…

The career will become a watershed of friendship contacts…

The unity of man & woman will fulfill and overflow the course and all will grow to connect and find completeness.

Where harm might tread, put the gate of safety planning and affix the lock of care.

We have fun doing this, but we don’t do it for fun.  We serve to assist you in doing justice to all the valuable life in your charge.

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