Secure Residence Inspections

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As we see, much goes into making a Residence Secure!
How secure do we want our home to be?  What senarios do we want to be prepared to deter or to prevail against?  When we hear noise from an intruder or smell smoke from a fire…Is that a good time to start making a plan?
Consider the following inner spaces from a fire / intruder response plan building perspective:
Fire & Intruder Response Plan Practice Photo
Large home innerspace

Our 500 Point Scale allows us to assign to your home a Safety Factor Rating.  We include everything, from type of window locks, extent of door reinforcement, neighborhood, to floorplans & the state of your response planning and generate the Safety Factor Rating as an aid to your decision making about safety.

Early says, “Snug Up!”

Safety Man says, “Use the safety factor # that we provide as a gauge to improve against…Remember the single biggest factor is in the planning variable.  What are you prepared to do to deter or avert trouble?”

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